For years we have worked to create the best, brightest, safest, most durable flags for kids.
Jr. Quills are the perfect size for kids of all ages, my little ones began using them before they could toddle. Adult supervision is always necessary for children ages 2-12! Due to supply availability fabric type may vary. The flexible quill rods are limited 14 inches.
There is a bit of flutter behind the handle because the poly is 20×20.

Kids presentations look great!
One pair is only $22
Five pairs are $90
10 color sets with PDF copy of kids curriculum $99

Jr. Quill Choice
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Kids Poly Shield Quill Flags

For bigger kids and bigger presentations these larger poly quill flags are great for beginners, we recommend ages 7-12 use these and always with adult supervision, now with package pricing on all covenant colors (not all shown) Available colors are metallic red, orange, gold, emerald, turquoise, royal and violet. The colors rose gold metallic or iridescent white and other sheer colors may be available.

Kids Poly Shield Flags
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