EZ-Wings are a newly balanced hand dyed silk angel wing design with a shorter tail to quill rod ratio, making them both beautiful and simple to pickup and go with the same use of space as a Medium pair of flags but a fuller and more beautiful rippling flow. The quill rod is approximately 35 and the silk is approximately 54 inches.

EZ-Wings Plus and EZWings Heavy Plus are 45 x 60 in lightweight or heavy silk and have the same 35 inch quill.

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custom order a design  from our gallery in any size and let us make them just for you!

Prophetic Choice orders are also welcomed!

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Note: Quill flag flexible rod design is a proprietary design. Please do not reproduce this style of rod as you may be violating a patent law.(Rectangular & Half-circle flag styles mounted on traditional poles are considered public domain & are not subject to patent law, however the artwork on them may be. Please check with the artist before copying an image. Thank you.)