Click here for Flexible Quill Rods Sew In Instructions

Co-create with the Lord, not just a worship tool, but an experience and encounter with the Living God.

We have been released to share the joys of creating amazing worship tools. Join and the blessing of having hands on creation of your own worship tools. The simple sew-in DIY Quill Flag Rods allow you to use our guaranteed and patented original rod design (without violating laws or conscience) while adding your own fabrics with great flow and flexibility. Click Here for DIY Flexible Quill Rods

The full and beginner DIY Quill Flag Kits allow you to experience in your own home either a live scheduled class or prerecorded class that walks you through all of the steps and provides you what items you would need to make your flags from beginning to end, including preparation before the classes and safety. Click Here for DIY Quill Flag Kits

We also offer group sessions at your establishment. Contact for further details.