Prophetic Worship Banners original silk hand painted art and prophetic worship art is now available in beautiful sheer microfiber polyester. The dimensions for the fabric is 55×55 with a convenient handle and some decorative ribbons for a flourish.

Why get these? The art print flags are fully reproducible, if you order one and decide you want a pair instead, a matching second can be easily produced, or a dozen for a team! What else? Hand painted silk in this size cost about $450 per pair, aren’t reproducible and take a long time!

What’s new with these? New designs and a new size of approximately 27×27. Big enough for an adult to use, small enough for a child to handle well and with gorgeous bright colors and themes!

Our one year guarantee extends to these as well. If you need your Art Print flags by a certain date, please contact us for availability.

You can order one flag or a matched set at a discount. (Contact us for team set pricing.)

Art Print Flag Options