In Stock flags are separated by size and style for convenient ordering. IN stock flags are ready-made and cost less than custom orders, even from the gallery of designs. Only one of each is available excluding Art Print Flags.  We ship within 2 business days by Priority Mail.

In stock medium flags

In the event an item you order becomes unavailable, we will offer to substitute the item for another stock item or recreate it as a custom order at no additional cost and add it to our schedule however it may add time. Please note any event dates in your order.

Pennant Quill Flags
In stock flags
in stock flags

 Don’t see what you want in stock? Custom order them HERE or select Prophetic Choice and let us hear from the Lord which flags He has for you.

Note: Quill flag flexible rod design is a legally protected proprietary design. Please do not reproduce this style of rod without permission as you may be breaking patent law. (Rectangular & Half-circle flag styles mounted on traditional poles are considered public domain & are not subject to patent law, however the artwork on them may be. Please check with the artist before copying an image. Thank you.)