Introducing our Silk Tallit Prayer Shawls

These silk prayer shawls are of course hand dyed in prophetic designs. These are made in heavy silk and are available in 4 sizes with or without silk tzitzit. We have four designs specifically for prayer shawls but any of our gallery of designs can become a prayer shawl for you.

Sizes are
45″ x 108″ a full coverage xl garment sized prayer shawl, fully wearable in many ways
35″ x 84″ a full coverage larger pajmina style of prayer shawl/tallit
22″ x 72″ the most popular size of tallit/prayer shawl
14″ x 72″ a wide scarf style talli
11″x 11″ with one tassel (my bible and devotional bookmark)
The tassels
They are to remind us of the commandments
Tzotzil styles (tying service separate)
Regular silk yarn with white and one blue strand
Light silk yarn with white and one blue strand (shown)
Light or deep blue strand options
None – we leave them off

Tassels come tied or untied but pre threaded thru the silk
We tie them for you in the 10,5,6,5 tradition. There are no guidelines in the scripture for who ties them or what numbers they are tied, these are traditions of men so we chose the one that seems best to us, representing the value of the Hebrew letters in the name YHVH, to honor that.
If you wish to have a different tying style we will leave them loose for you, with only a slip knot to hold them in place on the garment.