Introducing our Silk Tallit Prayer Shawls

These silk prayer scarves & shawls are of course hand dyed in our prophetic designs. These are made in heavy silk and are available in 5 sizes with or without silk tzitzit. We have designs specifically for prayer shawls but any of our gallery of designs can become a prayer shawl for you.

Sizes are

45″ x 108″ a full coverage wrap prayer shawl, fully wearable in many ways

45″ x 72″ a full coverage large prayer shawl

22″ x 72″ the most popular size of tallit/prayer shawl

14″ x 72″ a wide & large prayer scarf

11″ x 60″ a large prayer scarf

8″ x 72″ a narrow prayer scarf

11″x 11″ a prayer cloth or pocket square, handy to keep in your purse, pocket or bible

prayer scarves/shawls/cloths
design name / Prophetic Choice

The tassels are a special request option. Please contact us to add on tassels to your order.