Rating: 5 out of 5.

This isn’t just a kit full of parts, its an immersive experience that we hope will open a door for a very powerful experience with the Lord. Our intention is that not only will you come away with a beautiful set of flags made by your own hands, but that you will come away changed in knowing just what these flags mean and what you are releasing when you carry and wave them. We have Live Scheduled Classes. For live classes we will even send out emails or texts with prep and encouragement leading up to your event. Missed it? No worries, we will record and post everything with your special kit passcode so you can access it later.

DIY Full Kit

What is in each kit? Shown is a full kit, for beginners. You will receive a medium flag silk 36×84, a pair of coordinating quill rods, an instruction and prophetic booklet, quick-dyes, gloves, other special items specific to your design. Optional in kits is the dye bottle. You will need a sewing machine.


when choosing a design from the gallery please use the exact name shown on the picture

Gallery Design exact name only

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