bannerFlags or standards are a call to intercession and are also used for intercession. Isaiah 59:16

Flags or ensigns are a call to attack, a signal to put the enemy to flight. Isaiah 59:19 : Isaiah 13:2-5.

Flags or banners are a covering. Song of Solomon 2:3-7

They are a protection Exodus 17:15. They are a shield Psalm 60:4

They are a sign of the times or a signal to assemble troops for rest or battle. Isaiah 18:1-7 Isaiah 13:1-5

They show association as a nation, a family or a common cause. Even today our states, nations, organizations & churches have their own flags, logos & banners. Numbers 1:52, Numbers 2:17, Numbers 2:34 (etc)

Thankfully The Lord is our banner, Jesus is our ensign Isaiah 11:10 and though our the church is divided by ensigns (denominational families) He will unite the church Isaiah 11:12

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