To place an online order with a credit card find the item you want ans select from the drop-down menu the size, design or colors you prefer. If you have a special dye order, you may type it into the “notes” box as you checkout through our payment processing site or simply email the separate instructions.

To pay for an order by check, follow through the ordering until you have all of the flags selected in your online shopping cart and a shipping and handling total is added. If you are in CA sales tax will also need to be added. Once your order is ready to process print the page and mail it to the address shown. Please include on the order page your complete shipping information and a phone number.

Your order will take 3-5 weeks from receipt of payment to arrive… Why? These are hand crafted items that are custom orders. There is no warehouse full of them waiting to ship the day your order arrives. Unless you order out of on hand stock, each one is created specifically for the person who receives it.

Hand painted designs will need consults by email or phone, a rough sketch may be requested and billing will be for the cost of the flag as well as hourly billing for the hand painting. Designing time and consultation is free of charge. Designs by us regardless of concept origins become property of & parent Co. Unless other arrangements are made prior to labor beginning with the deposit payment.

We will estimate the amount of labor for handpainting in your invoice.

What if you want to specify the color of my quill binding? We really don’t offer that for several reasons. It may delay your order because we need to wait till we order from our binding supplier for the color you are specifying. We order from them about twice a year. We may complete your flags, put on the wrong binding and then damage them removing it to attach the specified color. The colors we select (including white) may be the best matching color that we have available, or there may be a prophetic meaning or even a visual reason that we selected the color we did.