This video gives basic moves. Start with the figure eight, it keeps the flags from binding around the poles which many beginners find very annoying, once that figure eight has been mastered, the others will come much easier.

Other tips are:

  • Flagging space- you need a radius of an extra two feet beyond the tip of your fully extended flag.
  • Smaller spaces- flag overhead with your pole in a vertical position to avoid hitting others.


When the Lord calls us to flag worship it is often to stretch us and increase the boundaries of our comfort zone.

Flags are a tool of breakthrough and freedom, but many people will struggle with picking up a flag to worship, or quickly put it down when they feel uncoordinated or that they are drawing attention to themselves. These are all lies from the enemy which are meant to keep you from living in the fullness of Christ.

The truth is; one only needs to be as coordinated as a pole, and when one uses a flag for the glory of the Lord, it celebrates His holiness and not ours.

Children- need instruction, supervision and boundaries. If they are worshpping with flags they need to take part in the worship and not distract from it, others around them should feel safe from being struck and often children will want a flag that is too large for them to handle. They should be encouraged to choose appropriately sized flags.