We are happy to announce three new sizes to include the needs of everyone! XS 24×24 heavyweight and XLT as well as XXLT big silks for the big flaggers!

XS Heavyweight
From our teenies to yours, we have XS in 24×24 inch heavyweight silks with thick quills for extra durability. What’s my favorite thing about this size? We let our little ones explore their creative and prophetic gift by dyeing these (with help of course) for your little ones, the name of the flags will be included! Specify boy or girl, or select a design from our gallery! $40. per pair, our least expensive silk flags

XLT Quills
Our XL quill length of 44″ gets an extra length when it goes from 54″ to 72″ on heavy quills for more support. Advanced flaggers and tall flaggers alike will enjoy the extra flow of these. $165. per pair

XXLT Quills, the big-daddy flags!
Our XXL Quills of 55″ get the 6 foot drape of fabric length on heavier quills, strength and endurance are required to dance jubilantly with flags of size and these are flags of size! $200. per pair

Contact us for special orders!