Accidents and wear and tear happen, from pets or children to rough handling or exuberant worship on a regular basis, your quills may need repair either from breakage or casing failure. (Silk can be repaired to some degree and we can try but at a certain point flags may need to be replaced.) In the case of silk repairs we cannot guarantee the end result but we will give it a try. Quills & casings themselves will often be 100% replaced. Please don’t include other items, raw fabric or pouches to return. Repairs only.

OPTIONS to mail from your own mail box

  1. SAVER: you print your receipt, mail it in with the flags & your own postage and envelope, we handle the repair and return them to you with first class tracking.
  2. BASIC: you print your prepaid label by email, print with your receipt and include it with your flags in your own envelope, we repair and return by first class with tracking.
  3. DELUXE: we ship your receipt, label and envelope by mail, drop in your flags and put in your mail box, we handle almost everything and return by first class with tracking. Save yourself the time, cost of buying an envelope and the trip to the post office!

  4. Repair Service
    My Flags are…
    name of design or description

    Have more than one set to repair but want everything sent to you? No problem. Order the deluxe for the first set to repair and the saver for up to two sets. A fourth set? Order a deluxe again and we will upgrade the shipping to priority because of weight restrictions.

    This system will keep your item in the schedule along with regular orders.