Nickol-whiteFlagThanks for your purchase of a silk banner from
It is our hope that our handmade banners serve you well in worship for many years so we have tips for care to prolong the beauty and usability of your banners.

  1. Get a bottle of Fray Check, or Fray Blocker from your local Wal-Mart, craft or fabric store. Anywhere you see a loose hem, pinhole, or thread, place a drop of this light fabric glue. Trim threads carefully. Apply drops to reinforce bottom corners of your flags and streamers before use. This stuff should cost less than $5. I also use it to preserve my clothing.
  2. When storing synthetic flags flags roll them together in large bundles rather than individual pairs. Don’t wind them tightly. This causes more wear over time. With a long banner, fold your banner over the pole first about 1/3 from the end before rolling it, this will save you time and wear and tear on standards, billows & dancer’s streamers. Keep them in a dry place!
  3. Quill Flags should be folded by the flexible quill into a pouch and stored in a teardrop shape, wrap the remaining fabric around the center of the teardrop shape. Don’t let your silk wrap around the ends, it can damage your fabric. Rolling up Quill Flags is not recommended!
  4. When you store your flag in a quiver, or flag bag please use one that is open ended or has a drawstring closure. Keep zippers and Velcro AWAY from your silk flags! They can cause irreparable damage.
  5. Removing the logo tag is not advisable, this negates your warranty and can potentially damage your flag. This will ensure you do not cut your silk, and are able to tell others where you obtained your handcrafted silk banner.
  6. Do not wet or dry clean your flags without consulting us! Never machine wash your flags! (it happened!) We welcome email questions. Some colors will bleed and ruin your pattern; others will be damaged by dry-cleaning chemicals. Each banner is different.
  7. Please know when you enter into worship with flags you are entering into spiritual warfare also. Be prayerfully under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the use of worship banners. Ask permission from leadership, to be in submission, before bringing them into a church where flags & banners in worship are a new idea. They are beautiful accessories to worship, but they are also spiritual tools. To learn more visit our website, search the scriptures yourself, or purchase a copy of Make HIS Praise Glorious or Let the Little Children

May God bless you as you worship Him in spirit and in truth.