FlagOnRocks What are your silk flags made of?
I had hoped this would be fairly obvious, but I will clarify. They are made out of 100% chinese silk-worm spun silk, which is the strongest monofilament fiber designed by God. Every single flag IS silk unless it is specified otherwise.

I want something that I don’t see available on one page, but is available on another, can I get it anyway?
Yes, custom orders are almost 100% do-able. Hand painting may not be depending on what phase my small children are in.

Why is there rainbow thread on my white/black/other colored quill rod casing?
It is symbolic of the holiness of the covenant God entered into with His people and His promises fulfilled. God created rainbows and I love them!

3. I need a dozen pairs of flags, all of the same size, custom dyed and in my hands in 10 days for some thing we need to rehearse before we go on stage. Can you do that?
Probably not. But I can try if you call me ASAP. Often something can be worked out. If I do not have the size you want, mixing sizes can create a nice effect on stage, colors can be varied to contrast the sizes for a nice effect. Please allow 4-6 weeks for large orders. If you need more practice time, order sooner, or practice with dowels you buy at your local hardware store. If I cannot get it there on time I will tell you! I don’t want to let you down at the last minute.

I’m so excited! When will the flags I ordered get here?
3-5 weeks if I am not backordered. If you need a rush order and I don’t have everything on hand, please know it takes me 4 business days to receive from my supplier, 2 business days to process, and 3-4 business days to ship your flag to your door. That is still about 2 weeks, if someone else isn’t in line before you. Calling (559) 901-6285 and placing your order is the best way to get a rush order started. At this time it costs $30. to place a rush order with Priority Mail shipping, but it is not always an option. Express Shipping costs extra. The GET IT FAST page might have something that will work for you. It is always changing, so check back often.

Why does it take so long!?
Hand making & dyeing flags takes time and wide open clean spaces. Sometimes both are not available consecutively. Believe it or not I have 5 children from 0 to16, I am a homeschooler, and even though I stay at home, my family can be very demanding what with wanting to eat several times a day and wear clean clothes as well as needing an education, loving care and snuggles. I also travel to sell and teach at conferences frequently.

Do you make these yourself?
Yes, I sew the silk, dye or paint the silk, cut and construct the quill poles myself. My oldest daughter is learning the process, and we often partner with Dyed4you ministries for beautiful prophetic silks.

Who is your supplier?
I have several suppliers for different parts, they are wholesalers, and the information probably wouldn’t help you much anyway. If you want to know because you want to start making silk flags to sell, then I wouldn’t be very smart to tell you, now would I? If you make flags, please ask the Holy Spirit to show you an original expression of worship that is personal to you. God’s creativity is not limited! Your flags should look like you, please don’t counterfeit my anointing, you have your own!

I am with ‘ABC Church’ and want a discount. Can I have a discount if I place a big order?
Since worship is the main purpose of these flags, church affiliation alone does not warrant a discount. If however your church wants to place a large order (min. quantities of 6 per size) I can give a bulk discount, because I receive a bulk discount.

Your flags are really expensive.
That’s not a question.

Ok, Why are your flags really expensive?
The run down here is: silk anything is expensive, it is a luxurious and amazing textile. Add that to the fact that these are not just stamped out by a machine in Hong Kong like Old Glory is, but are actually had dyed, cut, sewn, crafted to fit hand assembled poles, and that this all really takes time. A single small flag can take 2 hours or more from beginning to end. I am an artist creating a unique work to glorify God. I have set my prices to make sure you are getting quite a good deal compared to some other hand made silk worship flag sites. Please remember that the Bible even states that the workman is worthy of his hire. Everyone deserves to get paid for their time.

Is the book you carry any good?
I happen to think so, considering I wrote it, but seriously, It’s only $7. take a chance! I have many flag & dance teachers, pastors, elders & worshippers who have bought and enjoyed the book. Several endorse it and even use it as a guideline to teach a class on flag & dance.

Who is the lady with the pink hair?
That’s me. I have pink hair. It’s weird, I know. I’t been like that for a few years. It helps break off the religious spirit. The most fun thing is how many little old church ladies who seem as though they should disapprove actually tell me that they like it.

The prices on your website and the prices I paid at the conference are way different, why?
The difference in prices usually goes to support another one or two ministries, table fees, and often includes sales tax. I try to keep the prices the same as on the website, but am not always able to do so. Please also consider I have to travel to attend and teach at the conferences, and rarely do I receive payment or an offering. I sometimes pay table fees, hotel fees, plus eating out, and I don’t increase the prices for that.
Please see 1 Corinthians 9:7, Matt. 10:10, Luke 10:7

1 Will you come by my town and teach me flags or streamers?
Yes! Please discuss this with your pastor or a local worship ministry. I would like to have about 20 – 40 participants for a flag workshop. It is necessary to have my travel expenses covered, and if my drive time is more than an hour I’ll need a place to stay for a night or two. I am on the west coast, so if you are on the east coast airfare and accommodations will need to be provided in advance I’ll also need a couple of tables provided to set up my flags for sale. This will have to be arranged at least 3 months in advance! If I am not available, Rick Young might be open for that weekend. Children in workshops must be accompanied by at least one parent per family Please Contact me.

What is your return policy?

We very much appreciate your business. Due to the customized nature of the products we sell, there are no returns.

Exchanges are based upon our discretion- so please keep that in mind when you are ordering!

Please make sure you have read the product information thoroughly and that you are certain this is appropriate to suit your needs. We also suggest you pray about your decision as to which products the Lord may want you to have to enhance your ministry unto Him.

When someone orders a prophetic choice silk, we seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants to say to the individual and that’s what gets created to the best of our abilities. This is one of the other reasons we don’t do returns, because we’ve given the word we understood the Lord to have said – we aren’t in a position to “control” that nor go back to Him and say “this isn’t the word the person wanted Lord, please give us a different one.”

If you have purchased an item that is in stock expect they may have been tested in worship once or twice. We often take stock to conferences and rarely may not notice wear and tear that happens. These items can be exchanged for another in stock item or store credit only. Additional shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.