Colors…Jesus Christ… the manifold (multihued) wisdom of God…In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him. Eph 3:9-12

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white/silver: purity, garments of righteousness, light, cleansing, holiness, the dove, manifold, contains all colors of the spectrum

pink: beloved, flowering, fruitfulness, intimacy, purity, witnessing, mercy

red: The Lord our Righteousness                                                                                           the blood and everything it stands for, anointing, victory, salvation, sacrifice, redemption, resurrection, fire, wine, conquest, warfare, forgiveness

orange: The Lord our Banner                                                                                                      praise, harvest, warfare, fire, fruit, angels , revival, passion, worship

yellow/ gold: The Lord is Present                                                                                              joy, council of God, glory, refining, fire, anointing, oil, Kingdom, hope, honor, marriage, healing, gifts of the Spirit

green: The Lord our Peace                                                                                           mercy, life, unity, rest, provision, newness, health, creation, growth, the living spirit of man, blessings

blue: The Lord our Healer                                                                                               healing and regeneration, living water, heaven, hope, visitation, peace, Holy Spirit, love

indigo: The Lord my Shepherd
the Omni-ness of God, revelation, royalty, majesty, grace, prayers, living waters

purple: The Lord our Provider                                                                                              majesty, kingship, authority, honor, holiness, stronghold, righteousness, worth, wine

silver/gray: holiness, hiddenness, cloud, presence, prayer, incense, wisdom, transfiguration, armor

brown: warmth, autumn, maturity, earth, humility, humanity, wisdom

black: righteous judgment, justice law, sin, mourning, the Word, government, deep

Rainbow: 7 colors, a complete visual spectrum, covenant, promise, hope, beauty and blessings, manifold wisdom of the Father which is Christ Jesus

blue/green/aqua/purple: living waters, God’s voice like many waters, refreshing, river

Red/orange/yellow: holy fire, refiner’s fire, baptism of the Holy Spirit

Iridescence: glory, heavenly, favor, manifold, fragrance of Heaven

Each color shows powerful truths and messages that we can agree with in spirit and in truth during worship, and intercession.

Symbolism is the language of the Holy Spirit and is used widely throughout scripture in prophecies, visions, dreams parables and signs. Today symbolism communicates ideas to us in daily life as well as dreams, visions, prophetic words and many other ways. It is only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God’s word that we can rightly interpret these colors and symbols, and this list is by no means complete, my favorite reason for this is we cannot see most of the colors that have been created, only a narrow spectrum, many more colors will be revealed in Heaven.