The beginning of was in December of 2005 with a Christmas gift for my daughters Kaitlyn and Jillian. They loved to play dress up like most little girls. To foster their imaginations and give them something to share (they were 9 and almost 3) I decided a set of playsilks were the right item, and ordered the silk and dyes.

With the leftover fabric I made my first four flags. I began worshiping with them at home and brought them to church for the girls to use.

God has brought this ministry a long way, and me with it. I used to be the ultimate wallflower. I preferred not to be seen or heard. I was painfully shy and socially phobic.

Worshiping with the flags privately allowed the Holy Spirit to challenge me to offer up public displays of affection for the Lord. Stepping out of my comfort zone to where He wanted me (worshiping in the congregation) allowed further healing, more understanding about the banners and an enlarged territory. This fulfilled a prophetic word I received about being called to boldness. I remember not receiving that word. I actually said “No. I don’t want that.” That makes me laugh now.

-More to come-