RainbowNickolAs long as I can remember I have loved playing with color and design. Art and creativity has always been in me.

The Lord has blessed our family so that I am able to be a stay at home wife & mother of five children, our schooling is a combination of home, charter and pre school age children which makes for many and varied adventures. This all started with the elder two who enjoy dress up and pretend play, then it was at home being princesses, now it is musical theater.  It was because of my daughters love for costumes and dressing up I began dyeing play silk. With leftover material I made my first worship flags and began using flags in worship at home.

My daughters would take these first flags and use them at our church. I soon began receiving requests from others wanting me to make flags for them. However it was months before I began using them myself in a corporate setting, and that was at the back of the church where I would not be seen.

I had walked under the bondage of fear and rejection like many Christians and was too intimidated to raise my hands in public worship. The lies I had believed were numerous, but stepping out in worship with flags was a breakthrough for me, and an answer to the calling on my life to be a flag-bearer of the Lord with boldness.

I have experienced new and greater levels of freedom in worship as I continue to obey the leadings of the Spirit and step out in new situations with the flags. I experience a great joy in worship, now with dance and sometimes spontaneous worship songs. The presence of the Lord will visit strongly at times when the flags are used welcome His presence.

When new designs are created it is in partnership with the Holy Spirit. I am not always in control of the depth of color or extra slashes that happen on flags that I am making to fill someones order. If a flag is not quite right the Holy Spirit will let me know, and when I am supposed to send something a little different that the order that has been placed the Holy Spirit will guide me.

My first prophetic order was when I received an order from a woman at my homegroup who wanted a single light and dark pink flag. She was not clear or able to express exactly what she wanted, but I told her in faith that I would wait until I had the right design for her.

Two mornings later I woke up with a vision of colors flowing down and outward, and I heard the words waves of mercy and grace. I was very eager to start on this new design that the Holy Spirit gave to me.

When I gave her the pink flags she was very excited. She told me that this flag was exactly what she had been wanting and was unable to express. What a confirmation and blessing for the both of us that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts and is able to share it even when we don’t have the words.

Two books, thousands of pairs of flags and dozens of innovative flag designs have taken our family to conferences, workshops and worship services to teach, equip and minister in worship a wide radius from our Central California home.

I’m excited to be furthering my education towards a degree in Worship Arts at this time through the ministry of Vivien Hibbert and her online worship conservatory worshiparts.org which offers instruction to independant students as well as those seeking a degree.

XL Silk River Flags in action during a Holy Spirit led dance to usher in healing during an evening service at the CA Central Vally Worship Symposium. The song is one of many prophetically inspired songs on the album Changing From the Inside by Kara Tupy.