Using Frisket with your Watercolors


The current meditations I’m doing are on the seven I AM statements of Christ. I wanted to express an intrinsic light within His words and thought that would be best achieved with negative space. So I bought some frisket, which is a liquid latex that you paint onto your paper and it repels all of the pigments and then peels off when your work is dry. It has a beautiful, striking effect and is also fun to peel!

To apply the frisket I wet an old brush that I didn’t mind ruining. This brush is now always for frisket. I had to stop often and peel the excess off of the brush so it would not become globby. I had to work very quickly as the frisket dries quickly. It is hard to see, especially when it dries. Look for a shinier place on the paper.

I did use a bit of Sharpie ultra fine point in this meditation just to illustrate the word ‘Darkness’. Not to make it stand out but to make it recede out of the statement the bright white words come forward.

I cannot stress this enough; let your paper dry completely or the eraser and frisket will damage the surface! It takes a bit off work to pull up the frisket, more if it’s been on for over a day, which mine was since I started in church on Sunday and finished on Monday in the afternoon. A meditation takes me at least a couple of hours sometimes as much as four, so I will stop and take breaks. That just gives my heart more time to soak in that verse. I couldn’t make one of these a day, even if I tried and certainly not blog about each one, I have learned not to overwhelm myself with things like this. Striving to do too much ruins the peacefulness of the meditation.

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