Scripture Meditations in Color

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I saw something recently that really clicked with me as an artist and as a Jesus lover who doesn’t study the scriptures as regularly as I think I should. I found Bible journaling in color, and I was hooked, except I don’t have a fancy journaling bible, I like to look up different versions of the same verse and also I am an art supply snob, that includes really good quality papers.

Oh, and there is one more thing I struggle with… failure paralysis, you know, the idea that I could be a few weeks or months into a gorgeous bible and critically fail on a drawing or worse… a spill happens and just annihilates everything including the bible itself. We spill here, A LOT. Books get ruined, thank God for digital books. I heart my Kindle.

So, I am doing something a bit different, I am meditating on scripture by writing it out in different fonts and coloring that with many different art supplies, probably on watercolor paper most of the time, but not in a journal. My current paper is 140 lb. coldpress and I’m pretty happy with it, but my pad is almost gone so I’ll be ordering something new soon.

One of my first ones, from the end of 2014.

Matthew 11: 28

Fonts: where do they come from? I Google search free fonts! I will look for fonts that are a variation of handwriting styles like my own, then I will copy the image of the alphabets and paste them into a document and print it out as a private reference to keep in my art supply box. When I have my meditation verse I choose a font that fits the mood of the verse, sometimes I combine two that have the serif accents that I want on the capital letters. I really like fonts! Do I print out my scripture in the font? Nope, I feel like my personal touches would be lost if I tried to copy from a complete printout. I have the most success when I pencil in my lettering and keep it under 3 verses, 1-2 verses is best! If it’s still too much I will highlight some and make the rest small but readable!