Scripture Meditation 2 – On the go? On the cheap!

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A Scripture Meditation for a busy day.

Sometimes we have too many things to do in a day. We roll out of bed, speed shower (if we planned it right) speed dress ourselves and the kids, breakfast for them, coffee for us and out the door, right? When did devotionals fit in there? Hmmm. I guess that’s when ever we are sitting and waiting for some appointments, or lessons, or something that sucks up our time for no reason. These are the me moments I often forget to appreciate, so I now have list for a simple and cheap kit you can use at home or to tuck in your purse for those waiting around errands. (lessons, DMV, sports, Dr appointments)

What you need…

-1- Bible – on my phone, of course. There are a hundred free apps out there, Kindle too!

-2- a #2 pencil – grab one from your kids school supply, even without an eraser.

-3- Sharpie – the Ultra Fine Point please. Under $2.

-4- Plastic Eraser – You really just need one. I insist. Under $2.

-5- Papermate Flair – felt tip pens, I like the bright 5 pack, cheap portable watercolors… about $7.

-6- watercolor brush –  I like a small round brush between 2 & 4 starting at $2.

-7- water vial – it needs to have a tight fitting cap if you are going to carry liquids in your purse. You might even have one somewhere at home you can wash out and use.

-8- band or case – you can get a cheap pencil case for under $1 or a rubber-band from your utility drawer. You might have a tin laying around like I do

-9- notebook – whatever you have will do, really. $2-$5 if you get a new one.

-10- towel – a paper towel will do, or grab a little face cloth. Paint rags become quite beautiful with time. Blot color off your brush and dry when you rinse, dab excess water off your page too.

You should have a handful of these items already. For my meditations I bought the plastic eraser and the PaperMate Flair set, everything else I scrounged up from my house.

My cheap & easy go kit.
My cheap & easy go kit.

My notebook is regular lined paper that I try to keep in my purse anyway. Try.IMG_5477.JPGSimple, orderly, full of potential.

Next I pull up the verse by keyword that has been rolling around in my mind all day, then I sketch it out very lightly with the idea that I AM is at the center of it all. I erase the lettering several times to get them centered better.

At the next break the Sharpie marker comes out and outlines it all. Then I erase the pencil lines, after several lettering attempts there are a lot more lines than anticipated. Next I lay down color with the felt tip pen, I have the idea that the color is part of the chaos swirling around the stillness of the I AM.

More color until it feels chaotic enough, random shapes that are imperfect and flawed are ok here, in fact they make sense to me.IMG_5484-0.JPGA little water on my brush and light brushing back and forth causes the felt pen ink to run a bit like a watercolor wash, not too much or too long, you have a couple seconds before the paper soaks up the water and ink and starts to pill.

I finish adding depth to the blue, indigo surrunding the I AM still trying to create a still, peaceful space in that still center. Then I water wash it and let it dry.What I love about the Scripture Meditations in Color is that I really am thinking about the Word all day.  IMG_5492

Below you will find links to the items used in this tutorial and others including materials that I will be using in the future. They are wonderful medium. Some are expensive and some are not. The links below are linked to an Amazon affiliate program which gives me credit towards materials for this blog at no additional cost to you. 🙂 I’ve tried to find things that you can bundle with your other amazon free shipping orders.