Testimony & Photos from Abroad

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I received an email from Joan, who lives on the CA coast, this morning. It is such encouragement to me!
This is what she wrote and forwarded!

Hi Nickol,

When I was in Laos I felt God wanted Grace to have the “Unlocking the Heavenlies” quill flags. I thought you might enjoy seeing what she wrote. Grace has moved in the prophetic for sometime…


Keys in Israel
see the date? 12/12/12 FUN!

She also sent me this amazing photo and a forward from the woman in the photo.

Blessed New Year 2013…

Dear Joan,

How are you?
Didn’t hear from you since our last meeting in Laos.
Believed everything goes well with you and your family.

I wrote to thank you very much for blessing with this beautiful banners.

I arrived in Israel on 11 Dec at 8.30pm and the next day 12 Dec 2012 we need to go to Carmel Assembly, Haifa to do some prophetic act.
After that we went to Mount Carmel where Elijah calls God’s fire down.
Indeed it was such an appointed time that I felt the Lord asking me to bring down the ”Unlocking the Heavenlies” banners with me down to Mount Carmel. I was shy at first to bring out, better to obey than regret..
I brought out it high and with such a strong wind… it flew by itself and I felt a something in the spirit realm released…
So I asked someone to took a picture and show you…

THANK YOU so much for such a time for me to act according to His way in such a prophetic action.

We have 2 seminars in the Carmel Assembly at Haifa on 13 & 14 Dec, in the evening is worship time. I again felt to bring down your banners to dance…. Is such a release in my spirit and my tennis elbow pain gone too which I had an injury since Sept 2012.

Thank again for your love towards to me.

Only GOD could bless you back abundantly to you & your family what you have been requesting from HIM, as He alone knew all things.

Hope to hear from you!!

In GOD we serve,
Grace Han

Awesome, right? I love that even tho she felt shy, she stil brought out the banners. I feel that way too, often enough. One time I was arguing with the Holy Spirit about it and the Holy Spirit said, Hurry up or you’re going to miss it! So, I also know that regret of hesitating and the worship ends and I didn’t obey and facilitate what God wanted to do. I want to see God move, I want to take part in that movement, I want to facilitate it. If I am a temple of Him, then I am a place where He not only dwells, but acts. A facility, if you will.
I also love that her elbow pain was healed! He comes with healing in His wings!!!

Please share more! I am encouraged, the body is encouraged and blessed. The Holy Spirit can move when you share your testimonies. They are healing too!